The 4th Plenary Meeting of easySRI

May 23, 2024

​The consortium has gathered for its fourth plenary meeting to discuss the progress and next steps of the project. Hosted by SGS, the meeting is taking place in Madrid, Spain. The project partners present the achievements of the work packages and tasks. In addition to that, the consortium is preparing the first period review meeting of the project which takes place in June 2024. The project is going on as scheduled and the next steps and actions are planned. ​​


3rd Newsletter

Apr 26, 2024

​The third newsletter of the project is out. You can read about the latest news and deliverables of the project in our newsletter. Also, you can subscribe to receive it every six months. ​You can read the newsletter here​. 


Press Release 2

Apr 26, 2024

easySRI is halfway through its journey. The press release reflects the milestones and next steps of the project towards achieveing its objectives. You can read the press release here​. 

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Smart Readines Indicator Joint EventMar 07, 2024

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Smart Readines Indicator Joint Event

Mar 07, 2024

easySRI is participating in #SRI Platform 4th Plenary meeting. The joint event is now taking place in Brussels, focusing on SRI Platform working groups, smart building investments, and assessing building smartness. The project is represented by Dr. Dimosthenis Ioannidis, from CERTH. ​​

easySRI 3rd Plenary Meeting Dec 22, 2023

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easySRI 3rd Plenary Meeting

Dec 22, 2023

​The 3rd plenary meeting of easySRI was held in Thessaloniki, Greece on 19th and 20th of December, hosted by CERTH. The project is in its 14th month, and the partners discussed the project. Different work packages were presented per task, with information about the current status, main findings, and future steps. In addition to the project's progress, a workshop was planned for the sister projects of easySRI, namely, SRI2MARKET​, Smart​​​Square, ​and SRIENACT​. The project is running as planned, and the next steps have been discussed and planned further.

easySRI 2nd Newsletter Oct 16, 2023

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easySRI 2nd Newsletter

Oct 16, 2023

​The second newsletter of easySRI is out. The project is officially running for one year. The newsletters include a description of the project's result in the past half year, in addition to the latest news and events of the project. You can check out this newsletter here​, and subscirbe here to receive it in your mailbox in the future!​

easySRI Brochure is out now!Sep 29, 2023

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easySRI Brochure is out now!

Sep 29, 2023

​​The brochure of easySRI is published now, and you can read it here​. You can read the information of the project and easySRI framework architecture in this brochure. Also, you can print and use this brochure in the events where you would like to promote the project.​

First Plenary Meeting of easySRIJul 12, 2023

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First Plenary Meeting of easySRI

Jul 12, 2023

The 1st plenary meeting of easySRI happened on June 26th and 27th, organized by Frederick University in Cyprus. The consortium partners presented the progress of WPs and tasks, discussing the main achievements, and further actions and next steps.
In addition, there was a great opportunity to have a workshop with the representatives of the sister projects in Life SRI clustering WG2 (easySRI, SRI2MARKET, Smart Square Project, and SRI-ENACT) about design and development of SRI tools.​​

easySRI Presented in BUILD UP WebinarJun 05, 2023

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easySRI Presented in BUILD UP Webinar

Jun 05, 2023

​​​easySRI was presented as one of LIFE projects about SRI in the latest BUILD UP webinar: LIFE Clean Energy Transition: Smart Ready! ​

This webinar was about the benefits of SRI roll out to a variety of stakeholders. It addressed exploring paths to solve the most relevant obstacles of SRI implementation. easySRI was presented by ​Dr. Paraskevas Koukaras, easySRI project manager, among the projects SRI2Market​, Smart^2​, and SRI-Enact​. ​​

EU Projects Clustering Event: Smart Energy ServicesMay 19, 2023

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EU Projects Clustering Event: Smart Energy Services

May 19, 2023

​The EU Projects Clustering Event, Smart Energy Services was held online on May 17th. This event brings together top research organisations as well as industrial partners to present the project results and the new smart energy services that will improve the energy efficiency and flexibility in European buildings.​ During this online event, easySRI was also discussed breifly. ​

The 1st Newsletter of easySRIApr 24, 2023

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The 1st Newsletter of easySRI

Apr 24, 2023

The first newsletter of easySRI is out. It covers the project's deliverables, milestones, news and events of the first six months of the project. 

You can read the newsletter here

Smart Readiness of Buildings Survey Apr 13, 2023

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Smart Readiness of Buildings Survey

Apr 13, 2023

​​​​As a part of WP2 of easySRI project, a survey is designed about smart readiness of buildings. The survey is available in six languages; English, Spanish​, German,​ Italian, Dutch, and Greek. We kindly ask you to take 10 minutes to answer the questions in this survey which are prepared to assess the requirements and needs for the applicability of the easySRI framework in the EU market. As a representative of the building sector (e.g. designer, building owner, facility manager, construction company, property valuer, etc.) your feedback is very important for us, as it will help us to develop useful tools to support the building sector. 

This survey is being conducted to support and inform the EU’s easySRI project. The easySRI project aims to enable the establishment of a smooth and extendable web platform that offers services for the automated calculation of the SRI (Smart Readiness Indicator). 

The SRI is a common EU framework for rating the smart readiness of buildings. It addresses smart functionalities in nine domains: Heating, Cooling, Domestic Hot Water, Ventilation, Lighting, Dynamic Building Envelope, Electricity, Electric Vehicle Charging, and Monitoring and Control. And it reports impacts for the seven following criteria: Energy Efficiency, Maintenance and Fault Prediction, Comfort, Convenience, Health and Well-being, Information to Occupants and Energy Flexibility and Storage.

Please submit your answer by 30 April 2023. 

You can find the survey here:​ ​

easySRI 1st Press ReleaseJan 30, 2023

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easySRI 1st Press Release

Jan 30, 2023

​​​easySRI project has published its first press release. 

​easySRI aims to contribute to the implementation of the Smart Readiness Indicator for buildings, by offering services for the automated calculation of the SRI via a web platform. The consortium, consisting of 10 European organizations, has started the project officially in November 2022, after meeting in Brussels. The project is in its 4th month, and a few work packages have been started. 

You can read the 1st press release here​​.

easySRI Kick-off Meeting, Nov 2022Nov 30, 2022

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easySRI Kick-off Meeting, Nov 2022

Nov 30, 2022

The project was kicked off on 15th and 16th of November 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting boosted the motivation of the consortium partners and was a great opportunity for making a strong collaboration in the beginning of the project. The project officer, Mr. Sylvain Robert, opened the meeting with an introduction of CINEA, followed by an introduction to the projects and its requirements. The discussion of the consortium partners mainly focused on the introduction of partners, general management issues, presentation of the WPs, and the beginning steps of the project. ​